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Our grips are specially treated to expand large enough to easily slide onto the club. Once our patented process begins, the grip shrinks to conform to the shaft providing a tight, no-slip grip (within 6 to 12 hours).

  • Professional quality and peformance

  • Super tacky - long lasting rubber grip

  • Popular Pro-Wrap style

  • Conforms to USGA standards

  • Fits all Men's Standard (.580 - .620) shafts

Keystone Item

  • MSRP of $9.97 for 3 Grip Package

Case Pack Pricing

  • 6 Display Packages of 3 Grips each - $30.00 + $5.95 S&H * = $35.95 (5% Volume Discount = 4+ cases)

    *(1st case + $2.00 S&H each additional case)


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Player's Grip Package

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Physically Superior to Other Tapes

The secret is our tape's ability to fuse to itself. That means there are no bonding agents, adhesives or glues to make it work. It simply fuses to itself and won't let go! Repairing irregular forms and shapes can now be handled easily. Simply STRETCH-N-WRAP!
Unique Qualities
Sealwrap's tape works in all types of weather conditions -from -55 degrees Fahrenheit to 250° Fahrenheit, water tight and air tight to 100 psi of pressure. This 30 mil. tape will insulate 600 volts per mil. and can be stretched to three times its original length. In addition, the elements of weather will not affect it, allowing it to be a long lasting repair.


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